Why I Promote Holistic Abundance Over Weight-Loss

When I started my career as a health coach, it was with the intention of helping people create better lifestyle habits and healthy changes.  Along the way, however, I let my insecurities about my own body steer my path away from promoting health toward promoting weight loss, because that's ultimately what I was seeking.  I believed that by focusing on reaching my ideal weight, and having my ideal body that I would be at the utmost peak of health.  You can read more about my story here. 

In striving for the "perfect body" I received a lot of recognition.  People would ask me what I was doing to lose weight, and so I'd tell them.  Because what I was doing worked for me, I believed it could work for everyone.  So I'd promote nutrition programs that were essentially diet programs, unintentionally feeding into the diet culture mentality.  Although I'd always remind people that what the scale says isn't a true indication of progress, weight loss was still the ultimate focus.  During this process many issues would come up for my clients which made successful dieting all the more difficult.  



  • poor relationships with food
  • stress at work and home
  • lack of nutrition education
  • time management issues
  • poor personal relationships
  • lack of body awareness
  • body dysmorphia
  • false stories and beliefs


The struggles my clients had around food and eating were much more complex than not knowing how to weigh and measure portions, and track in MyFitnessPal.  I realized that the only way to truly help my clients was to stop focusing on weight and to start focusing what truly mattered.  To stop focusing on transforming their bodies, and instead focus on transforming their lives. 

Now when I work with a client we not only discuss nutrition, but we also discuss work, relationships, health, lifestyle habits, mindset, body image, etc.  In looking at the entire picture we can see where patterns cross over in various areas of their lives.  For example: A client may come to me because they want to lose weight, but in diving deeper I discover they have a lot of stress at work...we dive deeper and discover the stress at work is actually due to the fact that they're not speaking up about projects....diving deeper...they're insecure of what others will think of them....diving deeper...this insecurity is preventing them from having a romantic relationship...diving deeper...they don't feel good enough to have a relationship...diving deeper...they believe they'll feel more confident if they lose weight. 

By getting beyond the surface issue we can see that this person's goal really isn't weight loss.  It's to feel confident and worthy, and to stop people pleasing. Had we just focused on the weight loss, they probably would've ended the program continuing to feel insecure, regardless if they had lost weight. So often we think that by having our "ideal body" then the rest of our life will also magically improve, but unfortunately it doesn't (usually) work that way. 

If we REALLY want to improve something in our lives, it takes getting at the heart of the issue, and I can guarantee it has nothing to do with how much we weigh. 

If you're ready to stop focusing on weight loss, and start focusing on improving multiple areas of your life, I would love to support you to set and fulfill those meaningful intentions in 2018. 

My private 6-9 month Holistic Abundance Program focuses on and honors you — 

Together, we work through the limiting beliefs, fears, and false stories holding you back from feeling good in your body, listening to your own voice, and living with purpose. We work to empower you to make decisions, take actions, and show up for your life in ways that feel authentic to you. 

Some of the areas we focus on might include:

  • Creating a life you want to live
  • Feeling good in your skin
  • Learning how to eat intuitively
  • Healing your negative relationship with food
  • Empowering you to take action in all areas of your life
  • Finding activity/movement that you enjoy
  • Having more confidence and joy
  • Living a life of fulfillment and purpose
  • Letting go of old habits and false beliefs that are not serving you

Spots are limited.  If you’re interested in starting this journey in January, I’m opening up time on my calendar to connect with you this month (December) and I’d love to invite you to a free phone consultation. Email me at info@christinaennabe.com and I'll be in direct contact with you.  I can’t wait to connect and get to know you more! You can read more details about my private coaching here