About Christina 

We all have beliefs that shape who we are.  
Beliefs that inform each and every step we take.  

Christina Fempreneur 2018 Sweet Alice Photography-17.jpg

For most of my life, I didn’t believe I was enough. Not pretty enough, skinny enough, funny enough, smart enough….I believed that in order to be accepted by my peers, and to be loved by my family, I had to look a certain way and behave a certain way. I believed I had to be perfect. 

Being teased, and bullied at a young age for being a “big kid” only reinforced these beliefs. My first plan to lose weight started in middle school and I was yoyo dieting ever since. Spending countless amounts of money on exercise programs, gym memberships, and personal trainers. Wasting my precious energy on products and people who only reinforced that I was not good enough and that the only way to feel good about myself was to conform to society’s rules about what being healthy looked like.  

I realized that what I was truly and desperately seeking, wasn’t something I was going to find in a diet or workout program.  I knew that if I wanted to live a healthy, fulfilled, and balanced life that I needed to change my beliefs about what healthy really means, and do something different than what everyone else was telling me to do.

My younger self didn’t have a lot of self worth, and believed confidence was built on outward appearance. My mission is to help empower and guide others to find fulfillment, purpose, and self love by creating transforming lifestyle changes without compromising their mental and physical health.

Having gone through my own personal suffering at a young age, and feeling like I was going through it alone, I knew I wanted to help others who felt similarly.